An apology

Dear kind people who took the time to follow my blog,

I would like to make a public apology for not updating my blog on a regular basis. I truly dropped the ball (or blog…)!

So I vow from now on to be a better blogger – try saying that 7x at fast pace.

To make up for it, here is a picture of a pug dressed as a banana. (pic kudos goes to


Ciao for now!



Land of no hope and no glory?


I wish people would stop writing off this country as “crap” just because of one thing, football.

As an English person it did not surprise me (and if you’re a fellow English person it shouldn’t have surprised you!) when England lost their second group match to Uruguay, the final score being a pesky 2-1! However, I still couldn’t help getting excited and backing the England team from the moment I heard The Lightning Seeds’ – Three Lions on a shirt (footballs coming home) on the radio on my way to work last week. The song really makes me feel a sense of pride to come from this small yet great country, and I will challenge anyone who calls it otherwise!

Yes, England may be terrible at football. Yes, they mock the land of hope and glory pomp and circumstance that surrounds the country by being so bad! Yet, we are great at so many other things ! We’re the home of an amazing capital, Harry Potter, and The Beatles! We hosted an Olympics so well it will be envied by the world for years to come!

Despite everyone knowing deep down that England won’t progress far, at each World Cup millions of people buy flags for their homes, their cars and sometimes themselves! The reason being that no one can deny that niggling feeling of ‘what if’ that lingers in the bottom of their stomachs!

I think if people carried on being patriotic and celebrating our country long after sporting events, the country would be a better place.

Long time no post!

I think the last time I posted was well before Christmas, not great for illustrating my commitment skills!

One of the main reasons for this is that I got completely snowed under with uni work, the third and final year is definitely the hardest!
After a few bouts of tears, I did manage to get everything done. Setting work to do during the Christmas period is horridly unfair, especially since they cannot give me my feedback back on time.

Another event which whizzed by was my 21st birthday. I had the most amazing weekend, which included restaurants with Michelin accolade and plenty of prosecco. I was completely spoilt and can’t help but thank my boyfriend and amazing family for this.

Just after this, I lost my grandma. After a year of fighting she could fight no more. In some ways, it is good to know she is at peace. Yet I still think it’s incredibly weird that i will never see her again.

Not much else has happened between the last time I posted and now. I want to try and keep up with the posts, it is just hard to with so much work and the pressure of finding a job for after uni.

On that note…


Over and out!


Birthday drinks, hurrah!

Brand new BMWS but still not enough books. Why universities are selfish and where your tuition fees are really going…

I was walking into university the other morning and decided to go in via the main front entrance. As I approached the main building, I noticed a fleet of brand new 1 series BMW estate cars, all parked in a lovely row. They also have lovely, almost identical private reg plates which read something to the effect of EHU 10 right through to 18 and have my universities name written on the side.

Very snazzy and professional some might say! I am inclined to agree, I was certainly impressed when I strolled past and gawked at the row of shiny cars.

After this, I didn’t really think much of it again. This was until I got given my first assignment of my final year for this module, and went to the library to get some books for references. I searched high and low for books on my module (Forensic Linguistics) and ended up having to look online at the libraries stock to see if there were actually any books available.

There was not.

Not one. I’m sure some of you will say that I should have got there faster/bought it myself. I have two other modules to juggle and when you’re living off a pittance of a student loan you can’t always just buy books as and when you need them.

Anyway, as I said the books had been taken out on loan. Fair enough, ill grab them as soon as they come back in.


Some librarian with absolutely ZERO logic, decided to put this book (of which there is one copy) on a three week loan.

THREE WEEKS. To rub salt in my already gaping wound, there were two more people in the queue for this book ahead of me.

Thus meaning that should I actually get to have this holy grail, it would be far too late.

I’m sure some of you are confused and are wondering what this has to do with BMWs? 

Well, in my book starved rage I made a link. This university can go out and lease cars from BMW but they can’t have enough books in their library to meet demand? 

Where are their priorities?

So I sent a rather disconcerted email asking about these new cars. The reply I got was not satisfactory.

I was informed that these cars are for staff should they need to go anywhere, they are on lease, and they got a very good deal. So good in fact it was cheaper than what they were previously paying and BMW threw in the banners on the side and reg plates for free! Good old BMW! In fact, these cars were so wonderfully cheap, it made even more sense to get them when the uni found out just how low the Co2 emissions are!


How jolly wonderful!!

Is it just me, or could you have got maybe even less Co2 emissions and an even cheaper lease with some Citroen C1s? Apparently not.

Is it just me, or could staff perhaps get a train? bus? 

Crazier yet… Why not use THEIR OWN CAR?!

So, fellow students… If you were wondering where you tuition is going, its probably going on ‘excellent value leases’ of exceptionally posh cars.

The mind boggles.


Healthy eating hell.

For me, healthy eating always starts out positively. I’ll sit and make a shopping list full of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish looking positively angelic. I’ll then go do said shopping, a task not to be reckoned with it’s hard to resist those offers on chocolate!

I’ll then spend about £20 more than I normally would due to the price of things like salmon. Seriously, i might become a fisherman their profit margin must be amazing! After trudging home with a sulky look, I sit and think about what i’ll make over the course of the week.

Instead of deciding what healthy dishes ill create, my brain sits and makes me think that I don’t just want chocolate/chips/McDonalds/very large glass of wine, I NEED them. A craving like I’ve never craved anything before. This makes those beautiful healthy foods i’ve just spent and arm and a leg on be pushed back further in my mind whilst I decide what I might have from Mcdonalds.

Another thing which happens without fail is that no matter how many apples or oranges I take to uni in my bag, ill still be hungry. It is like nothing can satisfy my hunger like crisps (my biggest downfall) can. I can eat healthy yoghurt till it comes out of my ears but ill still be absolutely starving.

I can’t be the only person this happens to? Surely?

Alcohol-wise, nothing I like drinking (lager, malibu, wine…) is very healthy. I recently found out the healthiest alcoholic beverage is a vodka and slimline tonic. I know, sounds disgusting right?

However, I was out the other night and had a mojito (see pic…)


Look at all those green leaves! That HAS to be one of my five a day!

If you’re also suffering at the hands of the health gods, I wish you luck. May the fork be with you.